Nikola Nikolic

Nikola Nikolic

Photo editing, Photo retouching
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Aleksinac, Serbia, Serbia
5 years

Over five years of work as a freelancer on various particular assignments regarding basic graphic design, and specifically digital photo editing as well as digital photo retouching. Since I have never worked under a contract (full time) for some company, I am able to present only general working experience like this, otherwise it wouldn't be practical because I have had various individual jobs and gigs.

Professional Skills :

• Extremely good eye for detail and ability to ensure a consistent high quality image • Well versed in technical and creative aspects of photography

• Potentially able to handle multiple tasks at a time and comfortable with challenging deadlines

• Developed organization, time-management, prioritization, independent-decision making, problem-solving, interpersonal, analytical, skills

• Willing and able to adapt to different editing styles

• Strong attention to detail and relatively capable of performing multiple tasks within a fast paced collaborative editorial environment

• Advanced visual skills

• Solid experience in using Adobe Creative Suite software with proficiency in Photoshop (including basic retouching skills)

• Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office applications, especially in Word, PowerPoint and Excel

• Good written and spoken English communication skills

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