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Hubstaff has thousands of clients looking for quality, remote agencies and freelancers. No Fees, no markups, no middlemen.

How is Hubstaff Talent Different?

It's free

There is no charge or any fees to start a profile on Hubstaff Talent. Just fill out your details, your skills, and your availability, and you'll get an email whenever someone is interested in your services.

It's great exposure

Your profile will list what you want potential clients to know, from your skills to years of experience to your going rate. Upload your resume and link to your other profiles around the internet to maximize exposure.

High quality leads

Hubstaff has thousands of excellent companies that are looking for freelancers and agencies to join their teams. Hubstaff Talent isn't about getting gigs! It's about finding consistent, reliable, remote work.

No bidding

Your time is too valuable to spend bidding on jobs. At Hubstaff Talent, you don't have to do that. Companies can take a look at your experience, check out your website and links, and get in touch if they want to work with you.

Work how you want

Potential clients might ask you to track your time with Hubstaff. If they do, we ask that you agree to it. Joining Hubstaff Talent does not mean you have to use Hubstaff to track time if the client doesn't want it, however.

Jeremy Reymer

Hubstaff has helped me find talented content writers that I can work with on my own terms. As I need more remote freelancers it will be the first place I look.

Jeremy Reymer

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Hubstaff has thousands of clients looking for talented remote freelancers and agencies

How it works

Hubstaff helped our WordPress agency grow by connecting us with the right clients. Over time, these turned out to be excellent mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. We're glad to be part of the Hubstaff platform.

Tomas Buday

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for creating a profile on Hubstaff Talent. There are no fees if someone hires you through Hubstaff Talent. Hubstaff does not take any percentage of payments made to you.

How will I get paid?

You get to decide how you would like to be paid with the clients you work for. No money goes through Hubstaff, so you can get paid using whichever method and pay schedule you and your clients agree to. If your client is using Hubstaff for time tracking, they can easily pay you through Paypal, Payoneer, or Bitwage (which allows them to use a debit or credit card and even make wire transfers).

How can I get more exposure?

We recommend filling out your profile with as many details as possible including your experience, your skills, and links to your social media profiles and portfolios (if applicable). The more complete your profile is, the better you will look to potential clients. You can also easily share your profile on your social media accounts for increased exposure.

Do I need to track time with Hubstaff?

You are not required to track time with Hubstaff unless you agree to work with a client that requests it. If you do work for a client that does not want you to use Hubstaff, you don’t need to track time with it. Hubstaff time tracking is free to you as a contractor for someone else, so you don’t need to worry about any fees.

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