Mable Amuron

Mable Amuron

A Blogger, Creative Writer and Researcher.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Kampala, Central, Uganda
5 years

In the past five years, I have developed strong compositional and editing skills, as well as an eye for detail. I have worked as a freelance content writer and editor for the past five years and I subscribe to the notion of constant improvement and I have a passion for words. I believe that there is nothing more powerful in this world than words, spoken and written.

My accomplishments include:

• Creating and managing an SEO friendly website that has close to 500 subscribers spread out over Africa. (

• Writing copy and scripts for ads created by MovingAds, an Ads company in Uganda, Africa.

• Creating content for the African Writers Trust website and social media, basically managing the online AWT brand.

• Writing and voicing a script that won Best Animation at the 2018 Uganda Film Festival Awards 

I am currently a freelance editor and ghostwriter with two books under my belt and countless articles edited and written.

I am proficient in performing research, embedding links, presenting succinct and clear information, and communicating effectively with clients.

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