Ariel Hembra

Ariel Hembra

Graphic design and Social Media Management
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Quezon City, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
1 year

 Let me guess? You're struggling right now, right? I can sense that you have a problem with your social media platforms? Did you know that I can help you with that? Wanna know how? Just keep on reading; you'll see how I can help you, but keep it SECRET, Ok? 

As a Newbie Graphic Designer, I am observant of my client and their audience's needs. To know what stuff I should post or create. I create content and designs from substantive information, calculated well using many questions to obtain more facts. Even though I gather a lot of information on my clients, I ensure that they are secure with me. I always like things keep on private. I also make sure that my contents are visually appealing and curiosity-provoking to create engagements, attract more traffic and boost the visibility of my clients' brands. 

 I almost forgot to introduce myself! I'm Ariel, but you can call me YEL. I am a former Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate and Senior Barista, I help start-up food and beverages business owners increase their online visibility. I combined my graphic design skill with my experience working in the F&B to produce excellent results. I see that I work with fun collaboration and passion on every task I'm doing.

As a Graphic Designer, I can do the following: 

Photo Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop

Vector Creation using Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design

Social Media Graphic content creation

Basic Video Editing using Filmora

3D generation using Google Sketch-up

My exceptional Graphic design skills allow me to craft compelling captions and posts that provokes-curiosity user, engagement, and drive traffic. Creating marketable content is very important to me. I'm also comfortable using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Filmora, Google sketch-up, Trello, Google Calendar, Clockify, and G-drive and I have experience managing a regular content schedule. I am also proficient in interpreting metrics that draw solutions from these data sets and can strategize future campaigns based on them.

Besides graphic design, I also do basic food business consultations. I give advice and techniques to start-up food business owners. I also create business sales report sheets, inventory management sheets, and other business-related reports. I can also do Social Media Management tasks.

I've always believed in the phrase "learning never stops," and I'm always looking for new things to learn about, new experiences to have, and new adventures to go on. Last year, DICT, or the Department of Information and Communications Technology, gave me extensive training in social media management. This year, I'm enrolling in a new course offered by the same institute, and I'm currently training as a graphic designer. I work not just to impress others but also to interact with them. As someone who enjoys piquing people's curiosity, I feel that we can weave together stories that will entertain and engage people through our efforts in our work

I have a passion for creating designs because it’s an effective tool for connecting and engaging people. I enjoy communicating and developing positive relationships with consumers of different backgrounds, and I also thrive when executing good graphic campaigns, regardless of the target demographics.

I am convinced that my skills and expertise will enable me to do an amazing job as the Graphic Designer for your company/business.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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