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Jeremy Reymer

About Database & IT

As a company’s website and online presence become an increasingly important factor for its success in the market, businesses are turning to independent and remote workers to ensure that their websites stay fully operational, and provide a high-quality service around the clock. Nothing ruins a customer’s impression of a company than being directed to the wrong page, or seeing an error 404, and the importance that potential customers place on first impressions means that such errors are likely to be disastrous.

Thankfully, remote IT and database management employees provide the solution to many business’ needs, and are readily available to alleviate any potential issues a website or online service may encounter.

Hiring a remote worker, or a team of remote employees, to maintain your company’s online content, manage registration or ecommerce databases, or check your website’s links, means that your company’s online presence is never compromised, and that potential or repeat customers are met with the same outstanding experience time after time.

Remote IT staff can be given a wide range of tasks designed to ensure that your business is operating at the highest level at all times. If your company operates an ecommerce store with a large number of SKUs, remote database managers can be tasked with guaranteeing that the correct product descriptions, images, and prices are used at all times. If your company runs a website with a large number of pages of content, remote IT staff can ensure that all page links are functioning and directing to the correct destinations, and that there are no issues with page content.

Hiring remote employees, rather than in-house staff, means that your business can save money on salaries, as employees outside of the US typically experience lower costs of living, which means that their hourly rate is lower than that of a US based worker. Hiring remote workers in areas where the cost of living is low means that in many cases you are offering skilled people the chance to work on interesting and challenging projects, and earn a higher salary than they would otherwise. Employing remote workers also allows you to save money on in-office benefits, like coffee and snacks, and increase your service coverage to 24 hours (especially if your remote employee is in a different timezone).

These benefits, coupled with the improvements remote IT and database management staff can make to your organization, mean that hiring remote employees not only leads to an improved service and customer experience, but also works out far more cost effective than if you were to hire in-house.

Database & IT FAQ

How do I interview IT and database management candidates?

When hiring remote IT and database management candidates, focus less on the technical aspect of the role, and place more emphasis on gauging the candidate’s ability to follow processes, keep to deadlines, and work autonomously. Ask your candidates about previous projects they’ve worked on, and look to discover whether they were able to closely follow process documents, whether they were able to consistently execute to a high level, and whether they were able to make any improvements to systems.

A good candidate will be able to refine your processes and iterate on your current systems by identifying points of weakness during their work.

Checkout some tips on hiring a database architect.

What should I look for in remote IT employees?

Good remote IT staff should be disciplined and able to consistently execute repetitive tasks to a high level. Oftentimes, the work you will be asking your remote employees to do will be monotonous, so a good candidate is someone who is able to tolerate monotony while staying engaged and looking for potential areas for improvement. Alongside this, good remote IT workers will be able to follow processes exactly, so as to ensure that projects are completed to the same exact standard each time.

For remote database management staff, look for industry accreditations, like the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certificate, or university certificates. Candidates with these accreditations have proven their understanding of database management to a level which has been independently assessed, and in many cases make for the best employees.

If you’d like to know more about the characteristics great remote employees have, click here

How do I manage remote IT staff?

Managing remote IT staff requires both sides to maintain clear channels of communication, so that tasks and deadlines are understood completely. Managing databases, websites, and online systems requires clear processes that have to be followed each time, so establishing these from the outset is crucial for ensuring success.

Beyond this, it is important to communicate clear deadlines with your remote employees, so that they are motivated to work quickly and efficiently. The best way to manage remote IT staff is to make use of project management software, like Basecamp or Asana, alongside remote time tracking software like Hubstaff. Using these software in combination will allow you to set clear tasks and deadlines, and allow you to track exactly what your remote employees are working on at any given moment. Remote time tracking software also has the added benefit of helping to reassure you that your remote employees are working during company hours, and are not billing you for times when they are not being productive.

For more information read our advice on how to manage remote employees.

How can remote IT staff help my business?

Hiring remote IT staff can help you to optimize the experience that your customers have when they view your website or use your online services. Employing someone to manage your databases of content, maintain your online registrations, or to guarantee that all of your website’s links direct to the correct places, ensures that the service you offer to your customers and users is second to none. As websites and online content increasingly become markers for success, and criteria on which companies are judged, it is important to make sure that the quality of your online experience is as high as possible. Remote IT staff make sure this happens by maintaining your website and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

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