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Jeremy Reymer

Hubstaff has helped me find talented content writers that I can work with on my own terms. As I need more remote freelancers it will be the first place I look.

Jeremy Reymer

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Hiring remote admin staff, or virtual assistants, is a trend that is rapidly increasing in popularity (and rightly so), largely thanks to high-profile entrepreneurs and businessmen, like Tim Ferriss, who have attributed their success to the support of virtual assistants. As the demands on our time continue to shift, and as each hour in our day becomes more lucrative, entrepreneurs and business owners are increasingly turning to the support of remote employees to help them run their businesses.

Remote admin staff have the ability to help transform your productivity, upgrade your business, and increase your profit margins - all by helping to free up your time, and allow you to focus on what really matters each day.

Hiring remote admin staff, or virtual assistants, means that you can delegate the menial tasks that take up big chunks of your work time each day. Much of running a business is tied up in process and administration, both of which distract from a company’s true objective. Hiring remote administrative staff lets you redistribute necessary, but time consuming, tasks like filing system reorganization, meeting scheduling, and email correspondence, so that you are able to focus on moving your company forward.

If a task isn’t crucial to the running of your business, and takes more than 5 minutes, it can be delegated to a remote admin assistant, who will free up time for you to work on more business critical tasks. If your business requires specialized work, like in-depth research, or payroll and human resources management, dedicated and experienced remote administrative staff can be an easy way to fill a skill shortage.

Entrepreneurs and business owners across the world are finding that hiring remote administrative staff allows them to spend significantly more time working on important projects, or working closely with their teams and employees, than if they were to manage admin tasks alone. As a company, we at Hubstaff make great use of virtual assistants, and have found that they have enabled us to dramatically improve our business. Alongside the clear work-related benefits, those who use remote admin staff often find that they are less stressed, and have a more positive outlook than they had previously.

What’s more, hiring virtual assistants can result in significant business savings, when compared to hiring an in-house employee. It is estimated that hiring remote admin staff can result in a 40% saving when compared to traditional hires. This is largely because remote employees do not require benefits and do not facilitate the same expenses as physical employees (think desk space and coffee).

Admin FAQ

Why hire remote admin staff?

Remote admin staff, like virtual assistants, can greatly help an entrepreneur or executive run a business. Having someone who is able to schedule your meetings, handle and filter your email, run virtual errands (like make dinner reservations, or schedule car maintenance appointments), and take care of menial or time-intensive tasks, means that there is more time in your day for you to run your business.

How do I trust remote admin staff?

Building trust between yourself and your remote admin staff, who will be in charge of sensitive information, is a key part of creating a successful working relationship. To establish that your candidates are trustworthy, reach out to their previous employers to ask for references. Having statements that show that your candidate is able to be trusted with your company’s information can go a long way to reassuring you that your candidate can be trusted.

Beyond this, and once you have hired your remote admin staff, there are things you can do that will help to build trust between you and your virtual assistants. Using time tracking software, like Hubstaff, that allows you to record your employee’s screen (and track what files they view and applications they use), can help you to gain a better understanding of what your virtual employee is doing during company time.

A further step that can help build trust, and reassurance, is setting unique passwords and privileges for your remote admin staff, so that you can monitor what they access, and what they are able to do with the information they can view.

If you’re still hesitant about hiring a virtual assistant, click here to read a detailed account of the benefits a VA can bring from an employer’s perspective.

How do I manage remote admin staff?

Managing remote admin staff does not have to be complicated, and if done right, takes only a few minutes of your day. The key to successfully managing remote admin staff is to ensure consistent clarity of communication; if you are always clear in what you want your remote employee to do, chances are, tasks will be completed successfully and to a high standard.

Work with your employee to discover a way of managing that works best for both of you. If they prefer to have a list of daily tasks for them to work on, take 5 or 10 minutes each evening to create a small to-do list for them to tackle the next day. If they are happy for you to send regular emails with tasks and updates, feel free to send them tasks throughout the day.

What tasks can virtual assistant do?

Typically, the tasks your virtual admin staff can do depend on their expertise. Experienced remote admin staff can handle everything from payroll to HR, as well as day-to-day tasks. If you are not looking for a specialized remote employee, the tasks that you can delegate are the ones that take you longer than 5 minutes, and can easily be done by someone else; usually these are things like scheduling meetings, ordering office supplies, handling low-level paperwork, or maintaining filing systems, but many virtual assistants are highly proficient at researching potential clients, handling customer support queries, and adding relevant comments to online discussions and conversations.

For an in-depth resource into how hiring virtual assistants can help you to improve your business, click here

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