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Hubstaff is a 100% open directory. We do not require you to use our software, and there are no fees.

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Why add your agency to Hubstaff Talent?

It's free

There are no costs or fees for adding your agency to Hubstaff Talent. Simply add your team members and you'll receive an email when someone enquires about a specific team member.

It's great advertising

Your agency will have a main page that lists all of your team members, specialties, and experience.

High quality leads

Hubstaff has thousands of high quality companies that need agencies and freelancers to work in their teams on a consistent basis. We're not about gigs! We're about reliable, consistent, remote work.

No bidding

You've got better things to do, we get it. Hubstaff doesn't require you to bid on specific jobs. Instead companies will see your agency's experience, be able to find your website and contact you if they think it's a match.

Work how you want

The company contacting you may ask you to use Hubstaff. If that's the case we ask that you don't say no. However, being on the directory does not lock you into using our software. The company may not want you to use the software, and that's fine!

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